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Our Mission 2018 Annual Report

Two years ago, we set out to fundamentally change the way real estate is owned. Targeting a long overlooked market inefficiency, we used our unique expertise and history of innovation to create a customer-friendly, value-enhancing ground lease platform for the first time in history.

Real Estate

Building owners targeting a 15%+ ROE shouldn’t be forced to own the underlying land at a 5% ROE. We’ve carefully constructed a capital solution that prioritizes our customers’ business objectives in order to unlock higher cash-on-cash returns and overall IRRs than possible with fee simple ownership.

Create a capital
advantage for

Designed to work seamlessly in today’s modern real estate and finance markets, Safehold™ ground leases are properly structured to be leasehold lender friendly and not impact future cap rates. Customers across our portfolio have harnessed the power of a Safehold™ ground lease to help build, buy and recapitalize all types of commercial properties.

Minimize risk
for customers

Looking out for our customers means mitigating interest rate and maturity risk by providing highly predictable, ultra long duration capital at a low cost of funds. By better managing their capital, our customers are equipped to thrive in ever-changing market conditions.

Build a better
future with
better capital

We’re not content with being first movers — we’re on a mission to fundamentally transform real estate ownership. It’s a natural evolution that’s long overdue, and we’re uniquely positioned to bring it to life at scale. The revolution has begun.